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What is General Liability mean to a business?

General liability insurance typically covers the following:

  1. Bodily injury: If someone is injured on your business premises or as a result of your business operations, general liability insurance can help cover medical expenses, legal costs, and potential settlements or judgments related to the injury.

  2. Property damage: If your business activities cause damage to someone else's property, such as a client's property or a rented space, general liability insurance can help cover the costs of repairs, replacement, or legal expenses resulting from the damage.

  3. Personal injury: This refers to non-physical injuries, such as defamation, libel, slander, or copyright infringement, that may occur in the course of your business operations. General liability insurance can provide coverage for legal defense costs, settlements, or judgments associated with such claims.

  4. Advertising injury: This category includes claims related to defamation, false advertising, or copyright infringement arising from your business's advertising activities. General liability insurance can help cover legal costs and damages resulting from these claims.

General liability insurance typically does not cover professional errors or omissions, intentional acts, or illegal activities. For these types of risks, businesses may need additional insurance coverage such as professional liability insurance or specialized policies tailored to their industry.

It's important to note that the specific coverage and policy limits of general liability insurance can vary depending on the insurance provider and the terms of the policy. Business owners should carefully review and understand the terms and conditions of their insurance policy to ensure they have adequate coverage for their specific needs.

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